The rise of the contingent workforce is music to the ears of our clients, engaging them in the right way reduces costs, fills skill gaps and allows our clients businesses to be more agile and helps to address specific challenges their organisation may be facing.

Thorpe’s specialist consultants are trained to help you understand exactly what additional skills your organisation needs to enhance productivity and deliver the best outcomes.

So you’ve recruited some excellent contingent workers. What’s next? One important question to ask yourself is whether you have a business strategy in place to manage banks of workers engaged under different terms? Broadly, you should treat contingent employees in much the same way (within reason and regulation) as you do full-time employees, this is exactly where Thorpe’s comes in to its stride on your behalf.

By having a strategy on how you engage with all elements of your workforce, new workers will not only become productive faster, but staff turnover will be reduced and business efficiency increased

Are you aware of all the skills that currently exist in your organisation’s workforce? And equally importantly, do you know which you’ll need for the future? To answer these questions, and ensure you are getting the most out of the entire workforce, every business must have a ‘contingent vision’, Thorpe Contracts can help you identify your companies bespoke and ideal vision.

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One of the easiest ways to create this is by Thorpe’s completing a skills audit of both existing and new employees. Doing this can make you aware of skills within your organisation that you might have previously ignored, or reveal areas that your resourcing strategy should focus on.

It’s very important to also include permanent staff in this, as these are the backbone of your organisation and should be given the opportunity to do what they do best every day. This approach will help to ensure that every single skill in your talent pool is being used in the most effective way to deliver key business goals.